Report 2021

Roberto Santos

Message from
the president

2021 was a very positive year for Porto, although some challenges related to the Covid-19 pandemic still persist. Even with the uncertainties that still permeated the macroeconomic environment, we managed to obtain solid financial results throughout the year. We captured good opportunities in the market, expanding our focus and launched products and services, always thinking about bringing more facilities to our clients.

In the long term, we want to be seen more and more as an ecosystem of solutions for the integral protection of people, at all times of their lives, with the aim of becoming an increasingly safe haven for all our clients.

Roberto Santos

2021 Highlights


11,7 million





independent brokers


service providers


R$ 21,5 bn

in total annual revenue

R$ 13 bn

market value

3rd Biggest insurer in Brazil

Market leader

in Auto, Business and Residential insurance


140 million

digital assistances and 45 million
human assistances per year

5 million

assistances for vehicles and residences per year


of calls for assistance through Whatsapp
(car and residence)

68 NPS points and
76% rate of renewal Porto Seguro Auto

71 NPS points and
75% rate of renewal Azul Auto

78 NPS points and
75% rate of renewal Porto Seguro Residência (residential)

72 NPS points and
65% of accounts with transactions with Porto Seguro Cartões


In 2020, Porto structured its main strategic guidelines for the period between 2021 and 2025. This planning aims at ensuring that the Company continues to obtain continuous gains in productivity and sustainable growth, accompanied by the continuous provision of quality services to its clients.

This work has an important component that has been gaining increasing importance within Porto's business: the ESG agenda. In addition to implementing actions and policies that further strengthen the company's socio-environmental responsibility, which has been present for decades, Porto has also carried out diagnostics and analysis of risks and opportunities to insert this agenda in all its business areas, in order to obtain the best results in line with the strategic guidelines.

Porto in the face of trends

Pilars of strategic operations

Client-focused approach

Life in motion

  • Social changes with family arrangements that are mixed and multigenerational;
  • Shared lives: parents, children, grandparents and late marriage;
  • Access above the propoerty;
  • pet as part of the family.

New lives, new cities

The expansion of urban centers as a trigger for changes in people`s lifestyles.

Tailored strategy

Tailormade products and experiences are losing their luxury status as companies focus on tailored strategis to endure their relevance.


At the fingertips

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution and the expansion of smart devices becoming ubiquitous in people`s lives.

Humans and machines

Artificial Intelligence and automated services considering privacy Inteligênconcerns and job insecurity.

Maximum performance

The importance of well-being, personal optimization and mental health in people`s lives.


Brands with attitude

Activist culture, where consumers demand positioning from brands which, in turn, play a role in positive change in society


As the impacts of climate change become increasingly tangible, we watch a new urgency with regard to environmental issues.

All together

Diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, LGBTQIA+, generations and people with disabilities.

Material topics

Ethical and transparent corporate governance:

Porto is constantly advancing in business management using governance tools and structures that allow the identification of business risks and opportunities and the generation of shared value, through the strategic integration of ESG aspects across the organization's processes and controls. Among the main current challenges of the ESG agenda are climate change, which in addition to representing relevant risks for the organization, also generate opportunities for innovation and generation of shared value.

Economic and financial performance:

Maintenance of the company's financial health, main income and investments for integral sustainability, in which everyone wins and the company becomes viable and remunerates its direct stakeholders.

Relationship with the society and the community:

Actions of the company with the surrounding communities, results obtained and responsible governance. The organization seeks, through its operations, products and services, to generate shared value for all its stakeholders, through inclusive products, volunteer actions and training of people.

Client experience and quality of the service:

Porto Seguro focuses its efforts on understanding and meeting the customer's point of view, generating better experiences and healthier and longer-lasting relationships. Monitoring and engagement are essential steps in the management of the company's business, and extend beyond the monitoring of statistics and the resolution of problems that arrive in the service channels.

Positive impact opportunities and inclusive business:

Meeting the demands of clients and society is part of the company's management strategy. This is done through products and services aligned with the needs of stakeholders, the moment in the country and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects, with a focus on positive socio-environmental impact and accessible and inclusive products and services. The maximization of this impact takes place through an open look at innovations and partnerships as a way of meeting the different demands of the various stakeholders.

Suppliers management:

Follow-up and development of suppliers, definition of criteria for selecting suppliers and engagement, and management of the relationship with service providers.

Ecoeficiency and climate change:

Porto's eco-efficiency management is crucial in all its operations, minimizing its negative impacts and contributing to the environment and society. In this context, climate change is a priority issue at Porto, which sees its important role in reducing its emissions throughout the chain, generating value for society and business, since the impacts of climate change are significant risks for the business.

Diversity and human rights:

Preventive action, to avoid the occurrence of discrimination and results of adopted measures; and proactive, for equal opportunities.

Innovation and business transformations:

Innovation and investments in technology are a strategic priority at Porto and are worked on transversally, following the needs of business transformation and generating a positive impact on the market as a whole.

Relationship with strategic stakeholders

Investors and partners

  • Ethical and transparent governance
  • Consistent results
  • Innovation and expansion
  • 13.2% increase in our revenues, which rose to R$21.5 billion in 2021


  • New products and services with greater convenience and agility
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • 4.7 million satisfaction surveys applied by the various boards of Porto

Brokers, service providers and suppliers

  • Ethical relationships and partnership
  • Socio-environmental assessments
  • 35,000 brokers acquired by Porto Educ, generating more than 700,000 participations in the various courses


  • Training and capacity building
  • Support to the surrounding community
  • 1,286 new students and 847 graduated from Porto Seguro Institute.
  • 9 projects enrolled in laws aimed at children, adolescents and the elderly, resulting in an amount of R$ 4,772,678.00.


  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Training and Opportunities
  • Health
  • Bi-annual engagement survey*: 83% adherence and 78% general favorability, which places Porto among 25% of the best results in the methodology.
*Results released in February/2021, referring to 2019/2020.

Social impact and value creation to the community

Ecoeficiency and climate change

Porto's eco-efficiency management is strategic for the organization with support from the organization's Sustainability Policy, which aims to adopt practices that encourage the reduction, reuse and recycling of resources, in addition to energy and water efficiency, in order to contribute to reducing the consumption of resources and positively impacting the organization's results.

Waste and
reverse logistics

2.2 thousand tons of waste correctly disposed by Renova Ecopeças, pioneer in automotive recycling.


Electric winch fleet: 50 electric bicycles, one electric motorcycle, five trucks and 16 electric cars, in addition to 30 free charging points for electric vehicles at Centros Automotivos Porto in São Paulo (CAPS).

+3 million KWh saved with the use of LED lamps,
presence sensors and installation
of solar panels.


95% of Porto Seguro Automotive Centers (CAPS) carrying out quarterly environmental assessments.


47,16% of km covered in services performed through the modals + sustainable, directly reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.


20 million liters of water saved with rainwater harvesting measures, internal water treatment plant, reuse water, dual flush system and vacuum discharges.

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